About Saitama

Saitama Technology LLC is Dubai based web 3.0 technology company focused on simplifying and making decentralized finance (DeFi) safer for mainstream users. Our mission is to educate people about DeFi and add real-life use cases that can benefit their daily lives, such as transferring money between peers and purchasing tokens with a card. We also offer a top-up crypto card that can be used in VISA terminals worldwide.

Saitama started as a community token project in June 2021. Led by a team of professionals with diverse backgrounds, we have grown into a global business. Our strong and transparent foundation is supported by a multicultural community of hundreds of thousands of holders around the globe. The Saitama Token was valued at $7.5 Billion USD in its all-time high during the last crypto bullrun, ranking it among the top 40 tokens.

Our DeFi Solutions

A complete ecosystem designed to make your life with crypto simple.

Saitama Token

A deflationary utility token powering our ecosystem and backed by a global community of holders. Purchase on SaitaSwap and SaitaPro.


A non-custodial wallet and user-friendly DeFi platform with a decentralized exchange and more. Purchase crypto easily using your bank card through ePay.me integration.


Our decentralized exchange with low fees and fast settlement times. Only list vetted projects for user safety. Purchase $Saitama and $SRLTY Tokens on SaitaSwap.


The first crypto P2P system for logistics using AI to determine the best shipment option. Facilitates the process between sender and recipient and allows crypto payments.


Keep doing what you love, change how you pay. Use our top-up crypto VISA card to make daily purchases at merchants that accept VISA.


Our proprietary NFT marketplace for creating, buying, and selling NFTs using $Saitama tokens. Fang.art serves as an NFT backbone to our ecosystem.


A decentralized payment gateway for merchants to easily accept crypto payments from customers. Accept a variety of cryptocurrencies and automatically convert to fiat.

SaitaRealty DAO

A project that tokenizes real estate for fractional ownership purchases and trades. Purchase the $SRLTY token on SaitaSwap and SaitaPro.


A revolutionary blockchain in development for payments and transactions. When complete, it will use $Saitama tokens for all on-chain transactions and permeate the ecosystem.